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Design Waveguide optics design

Design of passive waveguide components

Design services for passive waveguide components, such as bends, splitters and wavelength filters


Location: VTT, Espoo
Contact person: Mikko Harjanne (Espoo)
Wavelength: UV (150 nm - 400 nm), VIS (400 nm - 700 nm), NIR (700 nm - 1200 nm), SWIR (1.2 µm - 2.5 µm), MWIR (2.5 µm - 7 µm), LWIR (7 µm - 20 µm), FIR (20 - 100 µm)

FinnLight has extensive expertise and software portfolio for designing waveguides and passive waveguide components, such as bends, mirrors, splitters, couplers, wavelength filters, and wavelength (de)multiplexers.

PhotonDesign software

FIMMWAVE + FIMMPROP software modules include robust and fully vectorial mode solvers for 2D waveguide cross-sections, as well as eigenmode propagation simulation for waveguides and waveguide components.

EPIPROP software module allows to simulate arrayed waveguide gratings and echelle gratings.

COMSOL software (see separate service card for more details)

COMSOL is a general-purpose simulation software that includes wave optics module for waveguide simulations

Lumerical software

Lumerical is an integrated optics design suite for circuit and component level simulations.

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