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About Finnlight

FinnLight is a consortium between Tampere University, VTT and University of Eastern Finland offering unique expertise and infrastructure services for research, development, and innovation in Photonics. The infrastructure and services cover the whole innovation value chain from the development of materials and structures with specific optics properties, to the fabrication of fully functional photonic devices and components, and up to systems integration and instruments. Examples of application fields include industrial process control, pharmaceutical analysis, health care, environmental monitoring, safety, and security.

FinnLight partners have a long history of photonics research with complementary skills ranging from the design and fabrication of nanomaterials and optical components to the development of advanced light sources with tailored properties, up to system integration, instrumentation and transfer of scientific results towards commercialization. The FinnLight platform is accessible to external users from academic institutions  and industrial actors.

Our expertise

FinnLight partners have a long experience in optical design, light sources, semiconductors, glass, thin-films, silicon photonics, optical interconnects, waveguides, photovoltaic, micro and nanofabrication, 3D printed optics, high-speed testing, micro-assembly packaging. We have expertise in a wide range of photonics sub-areas and applications. Examples of unique know-how include but are not limited to silicon processing, active and passive polymer photonic devices that can be produced by high volume production methods for energy harvesting and sensor applications, prototyping for illuminating, imaging and sensing optics, spectral imaging, volume production methods, molecular beam epitaxy for optoelectronics devices processing, 3D printing of centimeter-scale optics. We can also develop tailored solutions to specific problems.