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Design Diffractive optics and nanophotonics design

Subwavelength optics

The service includes rigorous designing of metamaterials and plasmonic structures.


Location: University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu, UEF online
Contact person: Pertti Pääkkönen (Joensuu)

If the structure sizes of the element are smaller than the wavelength used, no diffraction will occur. However, by using sub-wavelength structures, we can design basic blocks that modulate the phase, amplitude, or polarization of the incoming light field. We can use these so-called metamaterial elements consisting of basic blocks as diffractive gratings, lenses, phase plates, and polarizers. We can apply rigorous diffraction theories to design these dielectric or metallic structures. In addition, we can design subwavelength structures that enhance the light-matter interactions in fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.

All design tasks are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

For the designs, we use Fourier Modal Method (FFM) codes written in-house; contact Pertti Pääkkönen.

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