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Characterization Optical component characterization

Solar cell characterization

Test services and tools for solar cell components and modules


Location: Tampere University (TAU), VTT, Oulu, Tampere
Contact persons: Antti Tukiainen (Tampere), Thomas Kraft (Oulu), Mari Ylikunnari (Oulu), Kaisa-Leena Väisänen (Oulu), Kimmo Lahtonen (Tampere)

Solar cell characterization services at TAU

We host three solar simulators, quantum efficiency and other measurement setups for characterization of high-efficiency solar cells:

  • OAI Trisol dual purpose solar simulator: Equipped with a 7 kW xenon lamp, two measurement stages, a Keithley Source meter, an Arroyo temperature controllers and a IV-rider software. The system uses filters to control the spectral conditions. AM0, AM1.5D, AM1.5G spectra are available. The system can be used for measuring single 15.6 cm x 15.6 cm solar cells at one sun illumination and a few mm sized solar cells at continuous ~1000 suns illumination with concentrated light.
  • G2V Pico LED-based solar simulator. The system is capable of simulating AM0, AM1.5D and AM1.5G solar spectra (from 350 nm to 1500 nm) and other spectral conditions with an array of tunable LEDs.
  • Oriel solar simulator: Equipped with a 1000 W Xenon lamp to produce wide light spectrum for solar cell measurements, source meters and and in-house build control software. The system uses filters to simulate different solar conditions such as AM0 or AM1.5. It is dedicated for light-current-voltage measurements. It also has a limited capability for concentrated sunlight measurements (a few suns).
  • External quantum efficiency measurement system: A system based on an Oriel 250 W QTH lamp, DK240 monochromator, SRS830 lock-in amplifier and NIST-calibrated reference detectors for measuring quantum efficiency of solar cells in the wavelength range from 350 nm to 1800 nm. The system is also equipped with various light sources and can accommodate laser light sources for optical biasing enabling characterization of individual sub-junctions of the multi-junction solar cells.
  • Dark current measurement system
  • Solar simulator Asahi Spectra HAL-C100 (contact person Kimmo Lahtonen, 400-1100 nm wavelength)
  • Solar simulator Asahi Spectra MAX-350 (Xenon UV/VIS/IR Light Source 300 W, contact person Kimmo Lahtonen)

Solar cell characterization services at VTT

VTT’s LumiSolarCell System utilizes the photoluminescence, electroluminescence, and infrared phenomena to image micro cracks, shunts, regions of low lifetime, inhomogeneities, hot spots or other cell failures of photovoltaic cells or wafers. Contact person is Thomas Kraft and more information can be found from

VTT also has solar simulators to test thee operation of solar cells:

solar simulator spectra

Asahi solar simulator spectra (TAU, Tampere)

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