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Solar cell characterization

Solar cell characterization services


Location: Tampere University (TAU), Tampere
Contact person: Suvi Lehtimäki (Tampere)
  • The FLUXiM Litos Lite system with for parallel (32 channels) current-voltage sweeps and stability assessment of solar cells, equipped with a Sinus-70 Multicolor LED solar simulator (class A++A+A) from Wavelabs. The Litos Lite system is designed to stress test devices in accordance with ISOS protocols—maximum power point tracking with the ability to control temperature up to 125 °C, and monitor humidity levels. Measurements under nitrogen conditions are possible.
  • For the indoor photovoltaic characterization, a Philips HUE white LED bulb with adjustable color temperature (2700–4000 K), with variable illuminance levels. Keithley 4250 source-monitor unit with a 4-wire setup for current-voltage sweeps. A Gigahertz-Optik 15312983 BTS256-EF WiFi spectroradiometric lux & color meter to calibrate the LED light source.
  • Newport QuantX-300 quantum efficiency measurement setup (for internal and external quantum efficiencies), wavelength range 325–1800 nm, 1–40 nm (FWHM) bandwidth, sample voltage bias from −10 V to +10 V, 4-wire sensing possible. The resolution is 0.1 Hz (for 4–100 Hz chopper frequency). Measurement type: Chopped beam AC measurement with virtual lock-in amplifier.

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