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Integration Optical module packaging , Waveguide and fiber alignment

Fiber alignment and pigtailing

Fiber-waveguide alignment and permanent fiber pigtailing for photonic chips and modules


Location: VTT, Espoo, Oulu
Contact persons: Noora Heinilehto (Oulu), Markku Kapulainen (Espoo)

Fiber alignment and pigtailing at VTT in Oulu

VTT has customized precision-alignment stations for the alignment of fibers and fiber arrays to photonics chips. They can also be used to permanently assemble such fiber pigtails or to assemble together multiple waveguide chips or multiple fiber arrays. Contact person is Noora Heinilehto.

Fiber alignment and pigtailing at VTT in Espoo

VTT has multiple high-precision fiber alignment setups in Micronova. Those are mostly based on automated SmarAct alignment stages, but there are also many older alignment stages and two very robust PI hexapods as part of the wafer-level testing setup. Permanent fiber pigtailing is done only in exceptional cases and for a few samples only. Contact person is Markku Kapulainen.

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