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Characterization Optical signal generation and analysis

Phase modulators, waveshaper and SLMs


Location: Tampere University (TAU), Tampere
Contact persons: Mikko Närhi (Tampere), Piotr Ryczkowski (Tampere)
Wavelength: NIR (700 nm - 1200 nm)
  • Spatial light modulator Holoeye PLUTO-2.1-TELCO-059, Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator (1500- 1600 nm, 93% Fill Factor)
  • Spatial light modulator, ThorLabs, EXULUS-HD3, 650-1100 nm
  • Phase modulator, Ixblue, 150 MHz, 1060 nm
  • Intensity modulators at 1060 nm
  • Waveshaper 4000s (Finisar), Multiport optical Processor is a 1×4/4×1 programmable optical filter with full control of filter amplitude and phase characteristics. 1527.4 nm to 1567.5 nm spectral range, 10GHz resolution, 35dB max attenuation

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