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Characterization Spectral analysis and imaging

Optical Spectral measurements


Location: Tampere University (TAU), Tampere
Contact persons: Piotr Ryczkowski (Tampere), Mikko Närhi (Tampere)
Wavelength: NIR (700 nm - 1200 nm)

Monochromators, spectrographs and wavemeters

  • Horiba iHR550 (Horiba), Imaging spectrometer with 150, 300 and 600 grooves/mm gratings (4000 nm, 2000 nm and 2000 nm blaze respectively), 0.05 nm max resolution
  • DK480 (Spectral Products), Imaging monochromator
  • Andor Kymera 328i with Andor iStar i334T (Andor/Oxford Instruments) camera
  • EXFO Wavemeter WA-1000, WA-1500, He-Ne referenced wavelength meter
  • Bristol instruments 771 spectrum analyzer, 1550 wavelength

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