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Characterization Light source characterization , Optical component characterization

Optical near-field characterization

Measurement of optical near fields from the surfaces of optical components


Location: VTT, Espoo, Oulu
Contact persons: Markku Alamäki (Oulu), Ben Wälchli (Espoo)
Wavelength: VIS (400 nm - 700 nm), SWIR (1.2 µm - 2.5 µm)

FinnLight can measure the optical near fields from light sources and other optical components, such as fiber and waveguide facets. In contrast to the more common far-field and optical beam profile measurements, the near-field measurements show the optical near-fields before they diverge. The most accurate near-field measurements are obtained with scanning near-field optical microscopes (SNOM), which are also explained under “Scanning Probe Microscopy”. They can reach below the diffraction limit. Conventional microscopes can also be focused on light emitting surfaces to measure the near-fields.

VTT has a high-magnification imaging system called LEPAS to see the infrared near-field output of optical waveguides and fibers (Contact person Ben Wälchli, VTT, Espoo).

The accurate measurement of near-field luminance and color distributions for large light sources requires a precise combination of optical, mechanical and
software design (Contact person Markku Alamäki, VTT, Oulu):

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