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Fabrication Micro- and Nanopatterning

Nanoimprint Lithography, NIL

We offer both master element fabrication and nanoimprint lithography services.


Location: Tampere University (TAU), University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu, Tampere
Contact person: Petri Karvinen (Joensuu)

We use e-beam lithography to fabricate master elements for NIL. In the NIL process, the rigid master structures are first copied into a different material for NIL. The choice of material depends on the NIL technology used. Then this stamp is used in NIL. After the NIL step, the structures can be transferred to the desired material using other lithographic processes.

We have the following equipment for NIL processing:

Obducat Eitre 3, maximum stamp size is limited to three inches. (Contact: Petri Karvinen, UEF). After NIL, we can transfer the structures to silicon, various oxides, aluminum, and gold.

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