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Integration Flip-chip and die bonding

Die bonding and pick-and-place assembly

Bonding of dies and chips on both planar and flexible substrates (excluding sub-micron flip-chip)


Location: VTT, Espoo, Oulu
Contact persons: Markku Lahti (Oulu), Giovanni Delrosso (Espoo)

Photonic, electronic and/or microfluidic dies (or chips) can be bonded together into multi-chip modules and other photonic assemblies. The underlying substrate can be a chip, a wafer, a printed circuit board or even a large roll-to-roll  (R2R) foil. Die bonding is typically faster and less accurate than flip-chip bonding (see separate service card).

Die bonding at VTT in Oulu

Multichip Die Bonder, Datacon (Besi) EVO 2200, is a versatile and automated die attach tool that supports high-volume assembly. It has R2R capability and a bio dispenser. Contact person is Markku Lahti.

Die bonding at VTT in Espoo

Infotech die sorting machine in Micronova allows to pick-and-place dies and chips with high throughput. There is also a camera system to automatically image large areas.

FC 150 bonding tool in Micronova is an older flip-chip bonding tool that is not suitable for sub-micron flip-chip bonding, but it can be used for manual and semi-automated die bonding and flip-chip bonding with approximately 1 µm accuracy.

Contact person for both tools and related services is Giovanni Delrosso.

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