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Location: Tampere University (TAU), Tampere
Contact persons: Mikko Närhi (Tampere), Piotr Ryczkowski (Tampere)
Wavelength: UV (150 nm - 400 nm), NIR (700 nm - 1200 nm), VIS (400 nm - 700 nm), SWIR (1.2 µm - 2.5 µm)

Ultrafast (femtosecond and picosecond)

  • Tsunami Ti-Sapphire Modelocked laser (Spectra Physics), 80 MHz repetition rate, pico-second and femto-second operation modes, up to 3 W average power, wavelength range 700 – 920 nm
    • APE Synchroneus OPO, used with Tsunami laser,  ps and fs operation 1100-1600nm tuning range.
  • Chameleon Vison II (Coherent), Ti-Sapphire modelocked laser, laser:680-1080 nm tuning range, up to 3 W average power, OPO: 1000-1350 nm tuning range, up to 700 mW average power.
    • Chameleon Compact OPO (Coherent), optical parametric oscillator used with Chameleon Vision II laser, 1000-1350 nm tuning range, up to 700 mW average power.
  • TOPAS C Optical Parametric Oscillator (Light conversion), pumped by Spirit One 8 laser (Spectra Physics). Repetition rate 500 kHz and subharmonics, 300 fs pulses energy up to 800 nJ, tuning range 1300-3800 nm.
  • Astrella laser system (Coherent), High high pulse energy laser system (6 mJ), 1 kHz pulse repetition rate, 100 fs pulse duration, 800 nm center wavelength.
  • GLX 200 (Time Bandwidth) Nd-glass modelocked laser, 200 fs pulses at ~1060 nm, 80 MHz repetition rate, 200 mW average power
  • Origami 15-40 (NKT), Turn key pulsed laser operating at 1560nm, 174 fs, 41 MHz rep rate, 91mW
  • FemtoLux 3 (Ekspla), ~300 fs pulses at 1030 nm, 4 W max power, tunable repetition rate and pulse duration


  • Ekspla 340, 10Hz pulse laser system with TGH 355nm pump  OPO, tuning range 410-720 nm, up to 30 mJ pulse energy
  • Ultra 100 (Quantel), ns pulse laser offering output at 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm, with respective pulse energies 100 mJ, 55 mJ and 30 mJ, at 20 Hz repetition rate
  • Q-smart 100 (Quantel), ns pulse laser, sub-10 ns pulses at 20Hz rep rate, 60 mJ pulse energy at 532 nm
  • IPG Tunable mid-IR laser (IPG Photonics), 2300-3000 nm range tunable mid-IR laser, 10 ns pulse duration, 1 kHz repetition rate, up to 3 mJ pulse energy
  • Range of Keopsys-Lumibird puled lasers operating at 1032 nm and 1545 nm central bandwidth, single nanosecond pulse duration, triggered electronically with tunable repetition rate (tens of kHz to 1 MHz). Single mode fiber output.

Also various continuous wave diode lasers available.

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