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Integration Waveguide and fiber alignment

Fiber splicing

Permanently connecting fibers and fiber arrays together


Location: Tampere University (TAU), VTT, Espoo, Tampere
Contact persons: Mikko Närhi (Tampere), Markku Kapulainen (Espoo)

Fibers and fiber-pigtailed components are typically connected to each other with pluggable fiber connectors. However, in some cases it is preferred to permanently splice fibers together. This is typically done with commercially available fiber splicing tools. Optical fusion splicers use an electric arc to melt the glass of optical fibers to each other. This fiber welding results in a low loss and high durability connection between optical fibers. FinnLight has various tools for splicing standard optical fibers as well as large mode area fibers and custom fibers.

Fiber fusion splicing in Tampere university

Contact person is Mikko Närhi.

  • Fitel S183v2 fusion splicer (Furukawa Electric Co. LTD)
  • Vytran glass processing system GPX-3000, fibre splicer
  • Vytran fibre cleaver LDC-200

Fiber fusion splicing at VTT

Multiple splicing tool are available. Contact person is Markku Kapulainen.

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