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Characterization Surface and shape analysis

Optical surface profilometry

Multisensor freeform profilometer

Optical profilometers enable contactless measurement of surfaces.


Location: VTT, University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Espoo, Joensuu
Contact persons: Sami Ylinen (Espoo), Jarno Petäjä (Oulu), Pertti Pääkkönen (Joensuu)
Wavelength: VIS (400 nm - 700 nm)

Optical surface-profiling systems allow to measure 2.5D surface shapes without any mechanical contact to the samples. At best they can reach nanometer level vertical accuracy with few micrometer lateral resolution.

Optical surface profilometry at VTT in Espoo

Services in MIKES (Contact person: Antti Lassila)

Our equipment and services include traceable measurements and characterizations with:

Services in Micronova (Contact person: Sami Ylinen)

  • ContourGT-X surface profiler in the Micronova clean room.

Optical surface profilometry at VTT in Oulu

Contact person is Jarno Petäjä. Available tools:

Optical surface profilometry at UEF in Joensuu

Contact person is Pertti Pääkkönen

  • Bruker ContourX-500 phase shift interferometer and white light interferometer.

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