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Characterization Optical component characterization

Miscellaneous optical component testing

Other tools for testing optical and photonic components (in addition to other service cards)


Location: VTT, Oulu
Contact persons: Tapio Vaarala (Oulu), Noora Heinilehto (Oulu), Aki Mäyrä (Oulu)

Roll-to-roll product inspection and process instrumentation development at VTT in Oulu

Alphareel unwind/rewind MG003 tool (Contact person: Tapio Vaarala,

Integrating sphere and goniometer for illumination measurements at VTT in Oulu

UMTB-500-HF Gigahetz-Optik (Contact person: Noora Heinilehto,

Setup for optical component inspection at VTT in Oulu

An XY+Z platform with 50 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm operational volume is suitable for scanning and inspection of optical components (Contact person: Tapio Vaarala)

Imatest resolution targets (ISO 12233) and SW analysis tool at VTT in Oulu

This tool allows to calculate optical image quality for imaging systems with a sensor included in the system (Contact person: Aki Mäyrä)

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